Certified Translation Services

CTS Company Offers Professional Translation Services in London

As a leading translation agency, Certified Translation Services offers fast and professional translation services to both businesses and individuals.

Certified Translation Services is offering professional document translation services in London starting at only £50.00 per page. The translation company specializes in over 100 global languages and offers translations for almost all industries.</p><blockquote>One of the senior executives of the company said, "We offer extremely precise and accurate translations at highly competitive prices. Our translators are well versed in more than 100 languages including French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and a plethora of others. We have a network of over 10,000 professional linguists and expert translators who are subject matter specialists in their niches and have a remarkable experience of working in the industry. Our translators are highly skilled and provide professional and friendly advice to clients at absolutely no cost."</blockquote><p>Certified Translation Services serves a plethora of industries right from law, medical, engineering, IT and telecommunications, automotive, ecommerce, business, media, oil, gas and natural energy and the public sector. The company uses the latest professional translation software and terminology resources to create high quality, accurate and precise translations. The translation agency has a team of 10,000 expert translators and linguists who are native speakers and subject matter specialists in particular niches. The company certified all translated documents for official use in the UK and abroad.

Certified Translation Services

United Kingdom


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